Pembroke College, Cambridge, 11–12 April 2017

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Symposia Iranica’s Third Biennial was hosted by Pembroke College and the University of Cambridge in spring 2017.

About Us

Symposia Iranica was founded in 2012 to establish the first regular, dedicated forum for early career scholars working on any aspect of Iranian studies in the humanities and social sciences.

Symposia Iranica Trust for Early Career Scholars

Growing out of the Early Career Scholars Q&As, the Symposia Iranica Trust is a newly registered grant-making foundation that will amplify our ability to serve emerging scholars working in Iranian studies worldwide.



Our intensive programming aims to deliver a rounded, academically and professionally enriching experience that will have a real impact on your thinking, output and career progression.


We invite senior academics, commissioning editors, researcher development specialists, and major funder representatives to help you address the priorities intrinsic to your development.


Test your arguments, receive targeted feedback, and gain a greater awareness of the opportunities available for career progression and a clearer idea of your own personal career pathway.


Develop international peer and academic networks with dozens of bright minds and established scholars across the full spectrum of the humanities and social sciences.

Past Conferences

In a bold testament to the global reach and vitality of emergent scholarship in Iranian studies, our three conferences to-date have gathered a global community of over 300 early career scholars from a pool of more than 1,200 applicants